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Local Eats: Kuni’s – Buffalo

“Why go to the same restaurant over and over again when you can go somewhere new and inventive in an area that has new restaurants opening left and right?”

This is what I am constantly asking myself when making plans to go out to dinner. I find dinner plans to be the best and worst thing I can do.

  1. I love food and I love dinner.
  2. I love food and I love dinner and I want to try everything.
  3. I want to try everything and cannot decide where I want to go because I want to go everywhere..

I recently tried a new restaurant and boy, oh boy was I not disappointed. I am a big fan of Asian cuisine and had the chance to dine at Kuni’s: a “traditional sushi and Japanese cuisine” restaurant, located at 226 Lexington Ave. in Buffalo. I am even going to ruin the rest of this post and just say to go there now…Right now…Don’t even finish reading this pos………

For those of you who are still reading, Kuni’s, I think, is one of the best sushi restaurants in Buffalo. And by best, I mean, the ingredients were fresh, everything tasted amazing and I definitely want to keep going back there on the regular.

My bestie, Marissa, and I went there for a friend date on a Thursday night around 7:30pm


Wasabi Shumai – Kuni’s

and only had to wait maybe 15 minutes by a cute bonsai tree..not a bad gig. The restaurant itself is not that large and does not have that many tables, but it made the dining experience that much more intimate and satisfying.

Marissa and I were pretty hungry, so we split a few things. We started with your go-to, House Salad with Ginger dressing..(if you’re not a fan of ginger dressing, I am not a fan of you… BYE FELICIA)

Next, we split the Wasabi Shumai. At first glace, I though to myself, “I don’t know what Shumai means.” However, I was pleasantly and happily surprised to see that this is what this appetizer was: Steamed pork dumplings wrapped with a wasabi-infused dumpling skin.” Uh yum. YUM.


Sushi rolls – Kuni’s

Following this, Marissa and I split four Rolls: Spicy Tuna, California, Scallop w/ avocado and Shrimp Tempura. This was probably the best sushi I have ever eaten. Hands down.

I remember watching something like “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” or something on the Food Network that you can always tell when you have good sushi and fresh cuts of fish when you don’t feel the need to dip in soy sauce. Some chefs might even get offended with just a simple dip of it. Everything that makes up the roll should be moist and flavorful enough that the soy sauce isn’t necessary.

Eating the sushi from Kuni’s was the first time I didn’t feel the need to use soy sauce. I’m not sure if this is proper word to describe it, but I felt that the fish in the rolls was moist and so, so flavorful. I was amazed. The rolls were also super filling.

I definitely give this place two thumbs up and can’t wait to go back again and try everything on the menu.

Hidden away on a side street off of Elmwood Ave, Kuni’s is definitely worth trying. Even when Marissa and I were waiting to be seated, a couple said that they were regulars and went there weekly for dinner. Who volunteers to by my next sushi date?

Visit Kuni’s website and check out their delicious, simple menu: www. kunisbuffalo.com.




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