Rookie Chef Travels: Girona, Spain

A look back at one of our more exciting travels was a trip to Girona, Spain—just outside Barcelona. Located in Spain’s northeastern Catalonia region, beside the River Onyar, Girona was a quick train ride from the hustle of the city.


Like out of a picture book, I was enthralled by the medieval architecture and narrow, winding cobblestone roads—that seemed to be a snapshot from another time. It was breathtaking.

An older city with so much history and beauty that has last decades. Here is a look at some of the places we stopped to eat, and of course, enjoy the view.

Cafè l’Arc
Located right at the base of the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona, this was the first place we stopped for lunch upon arrival to Girona. A perfectly quaint cafe with lovely service and incredible views of the Roman Catholic Church outside.

We shared some Pan con Tomate, Charcuterie, Fresh Cheeses and Croquetas de Jamon—with red wine of course. It was a perfect afternoon before checking into our Airbnb and a great start to the Girona adventure.

Focacceria Nonna Betty
Another quick bite on our trip to Girona was a Focacceria near the main square for a snack. With so many great options to choose from—perfectly baked bread with an array of toppings was just what we needed.


Rocambolesc Gelateria
But how could we forget about the dessert? One of the most recommended places for our trip to Girona was to visit Rocambolesc for ice cream. A “Willy-Wonka” vibe paired with new innovations on ice cream flavors you’ve never even imagined—this was a sweet-tooth heaven.


To top off an incredible few days in Girona, exploring all the culture and history of this city—we decided to do a tasting menu at one of the most incredible gourmet restaurants in the city—Divinum.

Paired with the wine-tasting to accompany some of the most creative and innovative dishes I’ve seen, we were treated to a course-by-course culinary journey.

Dishes included “Vermouth—a different bite,” “Squid Tartare with Japanese emulsion, tobiko eggs, lime and coriander,” “Air-bag pork tenderloin and green mustard” and “Cheeses from here and around the world.” What a lineup.

We enjoyed the entire experience—and as a sort of splurge night, would highly recommend their ever-evolving menu + certainly a day-trip from Barcelona to visit this incredible town.



4 thoughts on “Rookie Chef Travels: Girona, Spain

  1. Looks like you had some amazing food in Girona! I spotted the queue for Rocambolesc when I visited but wasn’t sure what it was for…wish I’d joined it now! Did you try and xuixo while you were there?


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