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Get Your Khao Soi Fix at Uncle Boons

After arriving home from our first trip to Thailand in October of last year, we had been craving the authentic eats from our visit. Blown away by the flavors and the culture, Uncle Boons had been on our go-to list for awhile—to get a taste (again) of the real deal.

One of the most popular dishes from our visit to Chiang Mai, was Khao Soi… and lucky for us, it’s a dish that Uncle Boons is quite known for. Their version is called Khao Soi Kaa Kai—a Northern style golden curry with egg noodles, chicken leg, pickled mustard greens and fresh turmeric—and it’s unreal.

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Khao Soi

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Other dishes we added to the feast that evening included the Massaman Neuh (boneless beef ribs with Massaman curry, potato, red onion, peanut and green peppercorn) as well as Yum Mamoung (green mango salad with avocado, crispy dried squid, crushed peanut, chili and lime.

A side of sticky rice and two bottles of Chang Beer were a much-appreciated relief from the intense and delicious spiciness of the curry dishes—something that just really hurts so good.

Not to mention the retro Bangkok decor with old movie posters and wall hangings that give the entire restaurant a the feel you’re grabbing a bite to eat at a Thai market.

Pro-tip: When we came for dinner, Uncle Boons did not take reservations. So to not have to wait 2+ hours for a prime table. Get there about 30-40min before doors open, to get you name on the list (or get the first seating!) for the night. Grab a beer around the block and head back for one of the best Thai meals you’ll be able to get in NYC.


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