Eureka! | Paprika Chicken

On a boring, mid-winter day, the only thing that might sort of excite me is the fact that in a few short hours, I can craft up a delicious meal. I found this recipe while surfing on Pinterest: Paprika Chicken with a garlic|butter|thyme|wine reduction sauce. What attracted me the most to this recipe
was the crazy amazing color of the chicken.


Paprika-rubbed chicken

You start off by coating the chicken with some paprika. I always just eyeball the measurements for stuff like this so I just doused it until covered. Then I sprinkled a little salt and pepper as well and pushed it in so it would stick.

You then add a tablespoon of butter to a pan and melt. Then add the rubbed chicken and cook on one side for 3 minutes. After that, you add the rest of the butter(4 more tablespoons), some shakes of thyme(I didn’t use the fresh stuff..shoot me), a huge spoonful of chopped garlic. I also flipped the chicken at this point. Three minutes later, you add some dry white wine.

{I only had a Riesling around so I added that. I’m sure a Chardonnay would’ve made it nicer, but my sauce didn’t turn out bad. Use what you have!}

At this point, there is a bit of liquid in the pan because of the butter and wine combo, so now you simmer it for 20 minutes and let all of the juices get IN the chicken and become flavorful.

I thought that because the chicken was half pan fried before the simmering, it would become dry because there was so much cook time. I was pleasantly surprised though when my first bite of chicken was amazingly moist.

After the chicken is done simmering, add some handfuls of fresh spinach and cook it down in the wine reduction sauce.

{I highly recommend using the butter when cooking the chicken. In the Pinterest recipe, it says you can substitute some for half oil. I found the sauce to be just a little oily and think full butter would have tasted better. It didn’t taste bad though.}


Starting Ingredients



I would definitely make this again. It has few ingredients and is super simple to make. Not to mention tasty.



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