Sh** In My Fridge: Chicken Pot Pie

This year Buffalo had one of its coldest, and most snowy winters in its history. For someone who doesn’t like cold weather or being outside in -30 degree weather, cooking is what gets me through. I had really been craving some tasty, creamy chicken pot pie and behold… One day when I was looking to make something for dinner, I realized I had the delicious makings to create a beautiful chicken pot pie.

In my version of the typical pot pie, I just used what I had in my fridge: left over pie crust from Christmas, 2 pieces of chicken breast chopped into bite sized pieces, leftover celery that my mom had made beef barley soup with a few days previous, a cup of frozen corn, and a package of chopped mushrooms. AKA perfect combo of pot pie vegetables.

I looked up a recipe on Pinterest to follow:

IMG_5062 IMG_5061IMG_5059IMG_5064IMG_5066

Now, be patient with the filling and follow directions. Combine the broth while adding the right amount of flour. Add more or less flour if you want the filling to be thicker or more liquidy. Press the crust shell into your baking pan, add the delicious filing and cover with second pie crust. After baking I would say to wait a little just so the filling has time to consolidate a bit. After that enjoy that golden flakey crust.


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