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Alphabet Soup: Buffalo Wings

B is for Buffalo Wings… well Chicken Wings if you’re actually from Buffalo, NY, hometown of the first created chicken wings. Last week I had the pleasure of trying some wings that were a little different from the familiar Buffalo-style.

photo (2)Elmo’s, while a dark dingy dive bar, has some delicious Cajun wings.

While the reviews on their Yelp page were a little back and forth because of service, beer selection, etc., one thing was apparent through most of the posts. Cajun wings hail over all other wings.

I decided to try these delicious wings with a beer and wing deal they had going on. A double order of wings and a pitcher of beer? Yes please!

While I’ve never had Cajun wings before, these surpassed my expectations. These wings were the largest I’ve ever put my fingers on. A+ for that!

What really stuck with me though was how they were prepared. They had a cajun rub on them, but weren’t dry at all. And even if they were, THAT IS WHAT BLUE CHEESE IS FOR. The wings also had this amazing smoky, grilled, charcoal-y flavor, but in a good way. I couldn’t stop eating them. Well, until my pants had to be unbuttoned at least..

On another note, I will definitely be going back for some of those big delicious wings very soon.

Here is a link to Elmo’s Yelp Page:



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