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Fresh Start: Greenpoint Farmer’s Market

While most correlate Spring with new beginnings and changes, for me it’s taking place in the Fall. With the start of October comes a new apartment and new neighborhood to explore and I go on my second year living here in the city that never sleeps.

Greenpoint, located in northern Brooklyn will be where I call home and I couldn’t be more anxious about it. Sometimes known as “Little Poland,” I’ll need to brush up on my college Polish and give Grandma a few extra calls to find out what to get at the meat market around the corner.


So with my first weekend in Greenpoint, what better way to freshly settle in that a trip to the local farmer’s market at McCarren Park. Although the corner deli is convenient, I love getting fresh produce right off the truck from the farmers who grew it.

FlowersThere’s something awesome about all the oblong and obscurely shaped vegetables and fruits that give them character, as opposed to the perfect clones of food in the grocery store. They’re all delicious. But tri-colored tomatoes are just baller to cook with, let’s be real.

Bell peppers

It was awesome to spend a rainy Brooklyn morning exploring the new spot and seeing what places might be right around the corner — little coffee shops, markets and restaurants just waiting for Rookie Chef to check out.


A whole new area of New York City to discover. And while I might be relient on the not-so-punctual G-train, I’ll enjoy those 20-30 minutes of wait time devouring a new book that I previously couldn’t find time to finish. A blessing in disguise.


Currently writing this post at Champion Coffee, I already know I’m going to like it here. Before I even had a chance to finish this story, I was offered a free refill on this fancy latte above, just because. Thanks baristas, you guys are OK in my book.


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