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Seaport Food Lab: Dale Talde

Last season, we had the honor of being invited to one of the Seaport District’s delicious pop-up events: Seaport Food Lab.

The Seaport Food Lab is an exclusive downtown pop-up dining event at the Seaport District. Over the past two years we have featured culinary masters from across the globe. Our guest chefs offer one-of-a kind dining experiences in an intimate setting,” according to their website.

The Chef featured when we attended was Dale Talde. A native of Chicago, Talde is the proud son of Filipino immigrants, he grew up immersed in his family’s cultural heritage, while also enjoying the life of a typical American kid.

From his bio, “In addition to his work in the kitchen, Dale was also a three-time cheftestant on Bravo’s Emmy Award-winning culinary show, “Top Chef.” He competed in Season 4, “All Star” Season 8, “Top Chef Duels”, and became one of the show’s most popular cast members. Dale has competed on “Chopped,” “Iron Chef America,” “Knife Fight” and was also head judge on “Knife Fight” Season 4, as well as guest judge on both “Chopped” and “Beat Bobby Flay.”

Here is a look at the dishes that Talde and his team prepped family-style that night for the room:

First course: Crispy Papaya and Watermelon Salad, Coconut Bread and Chicken Liver Mousse, Lacquered Quail, Pork and Wood Ear Mushroom Sausage with Black Walnuts, Corned Beef Tongue with Sorghum-Soy Tare and Adobo Onions.

Second course: Thai-Fried Chicken with Peaches and Fried Dirty Rice, Steamed Branzino with Green Olive-Ginger relish and Marcona Olives, Tandoori Beef Rib with Gem Lettuces and Clams with Morcilla toast.

Dessert: Brooklyn Blackout Cake.



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