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Tasting Menu Goals: Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare

When pulling off a birthday surprise dinner for my boyfriend, there are a lot of exiting factors at play—especially when it comes to a spot like the Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare. An experience a kin to something one might have watched on Netflix’s Chef’s Table series, this was a “once in a lifetime” opportunity… and I couldn’t wait to share it with him.

According to their website, “Chef’s Table is Brooklyn Fare’s three Michelin-starred restaurant. Settle into the kitchen counter for a communal dining experience featuring the cuisine of Chef César Ramirez. The courses on the tasting menu change to reflect products in season.”

Hidden inside a Brooklyn Fare market , Chef’s Table is so subtly located and gives off an extravagant “speakeasy” vibe where you’re met with incredible dishes and service.

Inspired by Japanese cuisine and French technique, the best views in the house are right at the counter where countless chefs are prepping and creating your dishes mere feet in front of you. It’s just as much as show as it is an unforgettable meal. Make time for 2.5 hours for the entire night at least, to be fully immersed—you won’t want to leave.

Here is a peek at our experience from that night.

Dishes from our night included: Tartlet of Saba, Hokkaido Sea Urchin, Kaluga Queen Caviar, Kinmedai, Chia Akamutsu, Stonington Lobster + Orange, Kasugodai + Maitake, Nantucket Bay Scallop + White Truffle, Squab + Apple and Red Cabbage, a5 Wagyu, Yuzu + Sake Gelee, Ice Cream, and Matcha Custard.

While we celebrated with a couple glasses of Champagne for the birthday festivities, Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare also features an impressive 7,000-bottle cellar.


IMG_0920 (1)


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