Local Eats

Upper East Side: Fatty Fish

With my sister living abroad in the UK, I’ve become very fond of sending her care packages with all sorts of gifts and goodies from home.  The most recent box included some instant miso soup, which she told me turned out to be delicious.

That had me thinking, it’s time to explore NYC a little bit for some Japanese food and of course, a brothy bowl of miso soup.

Fatty Fish (406 East 64th Street, Upper East Side)

Miso Soup

Looking to warm up a bit from the chilly outdoors, we started off the meal with some soup — obviously. I went with the Mushroom Miso Soup, which was served up in an impressive tiger pot with a generous amount of sliced mushrooms, scallions and tofu.

Ginger soup

My boyfriend went with Lemongrass Chicken Dumplings in Ginger Broth. Both turned out to be packed with flavor and the perfect start to dinner.

Following the first course, we were served a couple small bowls of iceberg lettuce topped with ginger dressing. I could live on this stuff. Ginger dressing is always refreshing and perfect before any sushi meal.

Ginger salad

Now onto the main course! We split a sushi deluxe plater with 10 assorted pieces, paired with a 6-piece tuna roll, which turned out to be the perfect combination. Salmon, tuna, whitefish, eel and more, the sushi was so fresh and satisfying that I can’t wait to go back.


Next time, I’ll have to dive in with the sushi pizza, that I overheard a table near us order. Next week’s Local Eats: part II? Or maybe a Rookie Chef recipe in itself, sushi pizza is something I’ll have to explore.


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