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Lazy Day Lemonade


Currently in Leicester, I declare that winter is officially over and Spring has begun.

Everyday for the past week —  The sun has been out, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and it has all put me in the best mood. 


Inspired by this perfect weather, I started my morning smiling and then decided to exercise (which hasn’t happened in months). After breakfast I was planning to tan outside, but it was a just a tad too cold. Nonetheless, I was inspired by my perfect, lazy Sunday and thought, what better to relax than with some tasty adult lemonade, and blog about it.

I like to make things simple so I used store bought lemonade (which they call cloudy lemonade in England), fresh mint leaves, fresh lemon, and of course, vodka. 

I eyeballed everything, so you can make the drink to your personal liking.

With St. Patrick’s Day being tomorrow, this drink is easy enough to make throughout the day and also easy enough to make in large quantities, if you were looking to serve to guests. You can also garnish your lemonade with almost anything, from raspberries and blueberries, to cucumbers and lime, or iced tea, if you are looking for some homemade Arnold Palmer action.

all lemons    glass


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