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Downtown Brooklyn: Ganso

When it comes to ramen and noodle bars, I’ve personally never met one I didn’t like.

But with Ganso, located in Downtown Brooklyn, it’s becoming a different story. It’s becoming my place. My go-to spot.

I have a special connection with this Japanese restaurant — it was the first place I had a meal when I moved to Brooklyn earlier this year after a long day of traveling and driving across New York State. The “Stamina Ramen” revived me that night.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 10.45.55 PM

Ganso (25 Bond St., Brooklyn)

Getting the ramen party started, I headed to lunch with a few co-workers and we decided upon the Edamame and Ganso Spring Rolls. Perfectly steamed and salted, I could down a while plate of edamame when cooked right. The vegetarian spring rolls we’re lightly crispy with shiitake, burdock, carrot and karashi mustard-soy sauce dipping sauce.

My ramen of choice for the afternoon was the Spicy Miso. Not overly “spicy” in terms of heat, but just packed with flavor, including inaka miso broth, slow-braised pork belly, ajitama egg, charred cabbage and seasonal greens.

The co-workers went with the Short Rib (soy sauce broth, slow-braised short rib, ajitama egg, charred cabbage, seasonal greens) and Mabo Dofu (vegetarian sesame-shiitake-chili broth, silken tofu, shiitake, carrots, garlic chives) to round up the meal.

I’m still looking for opportunities to try out the rest of the Ippin menu with Hijiki (seaweed, carrot and fried tofu simmered in sweet-savory Japanese seasonings) and Buta Kimchi Buns (braised pork belly, jalapeño kimchi, spicy mayo) just calling my name.


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