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Greenpoint: Brunch at Esme

Not by accident, I’ve made it a goal of mine (and Rookie Chef) to do extensive research on weekend brunch spots in the NYC area. No matter the neighborhood, the borough, the block, I am always blown away by how many amazing spots are here.

This week’s hidden gem, Esme in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The modern American bistro is new-ish to the neighborhood, opening in September of this year. And although we’ve only stopped by (so far) to indulge in their brunch offerings, it’s also good to note they have an impressive dinner menu as well. Three words… pork belly everywhere.

Esme (999 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn)

First things first, let’s get warmed up before we jump right into the brunch menu. Best way to do that with a couple bloody mary’s and a steamy peppermint tea.


Served just how we like them, spicy with some freshly cracked black pepper and horseradish, things were starting off good. The peppermint tea was also a treat, brewed with loose tea in a tied bag.


With some of the family in town for the weekend, we have a trio of options to share. The first choice was the biscuits and gravy, made with housemade pork sausage, potatoes and poached eggs on top. The gravy was so savory and perfect for a chilly December morning.


Next up, we have the veggie burger, which was as meaty and delicious as you can possibly get without actually having any meat. Served with lettuce, avocado and pickled scallions on a whole grain roll, this dish was superb. Not to mention the rough-cut and seasoned crizpt fries. Too good.


And last but certainly not least, we have a brunch classic: eggs benedict, but with a twist. Served with a generous slab of pork belly, tobasco hollandaise sauce and seasoned potatoes, I couldn’t devour it fast enough. So many flavors just perfectly paired for a solid plate of goodness.


And while the food we share might be delicious, it’s all about the people you share it with.

Clearly this meal was phenomenal having these two here in Brooklyn with me for the weekend. Makes the whole day better when you’re surrounded by some of your favorite people in the world. Cheers!


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