Rookie Chef Round-Up: Brooklyn Coffee Shops

A boost of caffeine (or creativity fuel) is always just around the corner here in New York City.

You’re never too far from an incredibly quaint or socially sophisticated coffee shop in the city that never sleeps — probably due in part to the excessive lattes that are flowing through our blood stream.

In this new series, Rookie Chef Round-Up, we’ll be exploring some of our favorite places and things and sharing them with our fellow rookie chefs. Feel free to tell us some of your favorite picks as well! It’s all about sharing the wealth of information.

Brooklyn Coffee Shops

Vineapple (71 Pineapple Street, Brooklyn Heights):


If coffee shops are your “home office” this is the spot you need to go. Nice and quiet, Vineapple is usually a common spot for people working on Mac laptops, readying, studying or writing. Lots of creative minds getting things done. They take credit cards and also serve wine and beer, when the coffee just won’t do it. Photo courtesy of Facebook / Vineapple)

Bien Cuit (120 Smith Street, Boerum Hill):

Bien Cuit

Need an excuse to indulge is some fantastic pastries and bakery treats? Bien Cuit is your best bet, with an unbelievable display case of goodies. The coffee and tea are top-notch, but it’s the fresh bread, tartines and quiche that will keep you coming back for more. If you can snag a window seat, it also gives a great view of the Smith Street locals. (Photo courtesy of Facebook / Bien Cuit)

Cafe Grumpy (193 Meserole Ave, Greenpoint):

Cafe Grumpy

While we’re just highlighting the founding Greenpoint spot, Cafe Grumpy actually has numerous locations in the NYC area including Park Slope, Chelsea, Lower East Side, Grand Central Terminal and the Fashion District. This coffee shop also is the workplace of some characters on the HBO show “GIRLS” which has given it a whole new sense of popularity, not to mention a fantastic cup of joe. (Photo courtesy of Twitter / Cafe Grumpy)

Roogla (180 Smith Street, Cobble Hill):


Another favorite spot of mine on Smith Street, Roogla is known for their fresh rugelach baked everyday in a variety of options. My favorites include chocolate, apricot and They also have this crazy looking Steampunk coffee brewer that looks super high-tech and fantastic, not to mention bad-ass handmade chair and tables. Super artsy. Check it out. (Photo courtesy of Facebook /RooglaBK).

Gorilla Coffee (97 5th Avenue, Park Slope):

Gorilla Coffee

With two spots open now in Park Slope, locals swear by this coffee as their choice of fuel for the day. If you’re looking to get in and out in minutes, try Starbucks down the street. Gorilla Coffee takes pride and a little extra love in each cup (and you won’t be disappointed by the flavor and taste). It might be crowded, but all the best places are. (Photo courtesy of Facebook / Gorilla Coffee).

Where are some of your favorite coffee shops in Brooklyn to check out? Tell us below and we might follow up with a part II of this list. So much coffee, so little time.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr / russelljsmith.


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