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Downtown Brooklyn: Bijan’s brunch


If there’s one thing that Brooklyn does not have a shortage of it’s places to get a good brunch.  Almost every little bistro or unique cafe has a full brunch menu with an array of inviting options to satisfy that midday meal craving.

Bijan’s (81 Hoyt St., Brooklyn)

Making the dash through the rain, we stumbled upon Bijan’s, a Persian-inspired restaurant that I knew offered a great brunch special. I had never been before but was delighted to hear about their $15 brunch which includes an entree, coffee or tea and a cocktail off the menu.

Take your pick. A Bloody Mary aficionado myself, I couldn’t resist.

I personally went with the Salmon Salad Sammy which was smoked pepper salmon salad on a brioche roll, served with delightfully seasoned sweet potato fries. My boyfriend went with the Persian Chicken Salad Sammy which was also served on a brioche roll with herbed fries.

Both we’re huge portions and we took half the sandwiches home. Add a couple cups of coffee and a freshly squeezed lemonade, I can’t think of a better way to start a rainy day.

Photo courtesy of Facebook / Bijan’s.


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